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 my earliest memory

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PostSubject: my earliest memory   Sat Jun 30, 2007 12:39 am

i was 6 years old when my parents moved me and my 3 brothers into this old farmhouse on greenhollow rd in plainfield/danielson. at the time the house was said to be at least 200 yrs old. although i've never been able to find documented proof of that. it was 10 rooms on about 6 acres with a huge barn that had 16 horse stalls. i never liked the house..even at the age of 6 i remember telling my brothers it was scary. our bedrooms were on the 2nd floor with my parents on the first. no one had lived in it for many many years. there was a history that came with this house and i overheard my mother telling my aunt how the owners said it was haunted. my father didn't believe in such "rubbish", and my mother was a firm believer. there were 4 bedrooms upstairs but we only had access to 3. the last one was padlocked at both doors. my father in his usual hurry to get everything in told us not to worry he would break off the locks the following weekend. my room was the only one with a huge fireplace in it that mimicked the firplace below in the kitchen. on top was a real old wind-up clock which mom said looked pretty there...so there she left it. the first few nights were spent sleeping downstairs until our rooms were ready. on the 3rd night it was upstairs for us all. my little brothers room was right next to mine while my older brothers was down a small hallway near the top of the stairs. i think the first strange thing was my little brothers closet. from the outside there was a window there but when we opened the closet door which was nailed shut.... it was filled with rocks. i mean top to bottom...side to side.....solid with rocks! my mother rendered it useless and nailed it shut again. that 1st night was the beginning of 3 months of hell. as luck would have it, we had an awful thunderstorm that night which made it all the more scary. and when i was growing up girls did not sleep in their brothers room or with mom and dad. at 11 pm the clock on my mantle began to chime and i began to scream. we had never wound it up because the key was not there. and then a baby started to cry and cry. my mom came running up the stairs to take me down but dad was insistant that i had an overactive imagination, and i was left upstairs. hiding under my blanket it lasted about 15 minutes and was gone. the next day my mom sat with me and told me she had heard those things too and more. that locked room was directly over their bedroom and she said she could hear what sounded like a rocking chair rocking. we broke the locks while dad was at work. mom went in..came out and told us we could never go in that room..EVER! me and my older brother went in later though we were told not too. in the room was a crib and a rocking chair. both were very badly stained. we would learn later that the stain was blood. it was horribly cold in there... we looked and then closed the door. mom had called the owner and he came over to talk with her. we were supposed to be outside but we hid around the corner to listen. he told my mom that quit a few years ago a family had lived there. a father, mother, and new baby. the mother was rocking the baby to sleep one night when the father came home around 11 pm (and no they don't know the reason) slaughtered them both then hung himself in the attic. he showed my mom a newspaper article and that was proof enough for us. we did go into the attic and there was a piece of rope still hanging from a beam over the stairs. every night at 11 the clock would chime and the baby would cry and the chair would rock and rock. and horses were heard at the barn where there were none. a woman would sob sometimes for hours. heavy footsteps coming up the stairs could be heard. after 3 months my mother begged my father to move and although he said he never heard a thing we did, so we moved. my aunt (mom's twin sister) to spite the warnings, found the house to be "quaint". so her, my uncle and 3 daughters moved into it about 1 month after we moved out. they only stayed 2 weeks. my aunt would never talk about why they left. after they moved the house stayed empty until they tore it down in the mid 70's. we never could find out why it was torn down, it certainly would have been a historic site with it being that old. the owner could never rent it out. they imploded it into itself and to this day there are time that i feel drawn to go to the site and walk the grounds. the site haunts me to this day. i can still mentally walk through every room and smell the smells i did as a child. over the past few weeks i have this overwhelming feeling to go there but i'm not so sure i should this time..something doesn't feel right. am i being silly? or should i go? well thanks for letting me get that story off my chest, my stories aren't believed by most people and it helps me if i write. so thanks again
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PostSubject: Re: my earliest memory   Wed Jul 04, 2007 4:45 pm

You are most welcome. This is a safe place to vent your personal beliefs on the topic. I was talking to Tab today about how an investigation in that area is a must. That whole area is full of stories like your own. So no worries. Thanks for the story! cat
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my earliest memory
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