Paranormal Investigation Group of New England is a CT-based group dedicated to the study of the paranormal, in particular ghosts & hauntings.
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 Ghost Hunting Equipment

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PostSubject: Ghost Hunting Equipment   Fri May 04, 2007 12:55 am

Everyone asks me on a regular basis, "what do I get to start ghost hunting?" So here is a list of basic items to start hunting with:

* camera: either 35mm or digital will do; i.r. is a plus Laughing
*camcorder/digital video recorder: night shot or backlight a must.
*DVR: Olympus makes great recorders.
*IR thermometer: Sixth Sense brand is great and cost efficiant.
*Compass/EMF/Elf Meter: Really good idea to test for electromagnetic fields that might taint an investigation.
*Pen and Paper: To record anything you might physically feel, temp, weather or anything useful for documenting your hunt.
*FLASHLIGHT: Get a good, red filter flashlight. If you dont have the money for a good one, use a magic marker and color a cheaper one red. WORKS GREAT!!!
*Good company: Try to never go alone...best tool in your kit.
*First aid kit: you never know....
*cell phone: can't predict what's out there, can't hurt to have a phone at your side.
*Lense cloths, batteries, film: Got to keep the lense clean and those machines running tip top.
*Sage: optional item, but really good idea. Sage is said to be used for protection.

Places to buy equipment:

Cameras and electronics: Best buy, walmart, home depot, ebay, the internet in general is a great place to shop.

Batteries and other small items: Ocean State Job Lots, whole sale stores, CVS, Radioshack, Walmart, Brooks (also great prices on developing)

Sage and herbs: local herb farm, grocery store, garden supply and if you feel up to the challenge, try to grow it yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Hunting Equipment   Thu May 10, 2007 9:00 pm

Eh, you'll have to help me out a little. I've got both kinds of cameras and an 8mm Video Camera, but it's pretty oldskool. Also, the battery doesn't last long; maybe half an hour tops? I think it's somewhere in my closet.. but hell, if it can be used by all means I'll do what I can.

I'm assuming most of the more expensive equipment will be shared?
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Hunting Equipment   Thu May 10, 2007 9:21 pm

We try to share any of our larger expenses, although Kat and I foot a lot of our bills, but the other members are really great about helping us out. This past weekend we had a cookout for our monthly meeting and had so much food we could've invited 50 people, and that's just with everyone bringing something!

As far as getting equipment goes, you're not obligated to go out and get all brandie-new equipment. A lot of us have just the stuff we already have, and buying off ebay is awesome too. I just won a bid on a Sony handicam last week for $150! We work with what we've got, really, and then brainstorm about the things we'd like to get in the future, especially if it concerns splitting costs.

-Tabitha Johnson
PIG-NE Founder
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PostSubject: Re: Ghost Hunting Equipment   

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Ghost Hunting Equipment
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